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  • How long is the event?
    The event aims to not take up too much of your day. The live event will last 5-10 minutes and consist of some mindful movement in the form of "Hello Sun" (Sun Salutation) and some mindful breathing.
  • Do I need any equipment?
    Other than something to watch the live stream on. You may want to bring a copy of this years book - "When I'm feeling Kind" by Trace Moroney. Download the FREE printable "Hello Sun" which will guide you through the Sun Salutation in the mindful movement. You can locate this file in the Ambassador tab. If you have your own singing bowl, that's fantastic, however a bell, a musical triangle or anything similar would work just as well. However this event is aimed to show that mindfulness activities don't need to be expensive, or require a lot of resources, they just need to be engaging and fun. So please don't go off and buy any expensive props in order to join in. Your presence is present enough!
  • Can I be an ambassador?
    Absolutely. We would love your support as this is what will make this a global success to introduce mindfulness to as many children as possible around the world. Get in touch with us at Thank you for your support.
  • Is this event FREE?
    Yes. This event is free. We want mindfulness to be accessible to as many children, families, schools and organisations as possible.
  • Timezones! - 10am AEST
    The event is happening at 10am, Australian Eastern Standard Time. You may need to check your local time zone, but depending on where you're located, this might help. New Zealand, 12pm Friday 16th September Japan, England 1am, Friday 16th September USA (East Coast) 6pm, Thursday 15th September USA (West Coast) 8pm, Thursday 15th September India The event can be replayed at a later date if you can't join us for the live stream, or feel free to hold your own activities at 10am, Friday 16th September in your own time zone.
  • What is this years theme?
    Our first Kids Mindfulness Day theme is "KINDNESS MATTERS" If you have any suggestions for future years we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email Nicole at
  • What if I can't attend the scheduled time?
    That's not a problem. Feel free to host your own event at a time suited on Friday 16th September 2022 and be sure to tag us and post pictures. Instagram: @kidsmindfulnessdayofficial Facebook: @kidsmindfulnessdayofficial
  • What is mindfulness for children?
    Mindfulness is being in the present moment. Whilst it might sound like a tricky concept, there's lots of fun ways to make this achievable for children. Mindful movement in the form of stretching, balance and breathing. Mindfulness games, crafts and activities, make mindfulness fun. Children learn through play and the aim of the day is to bring the gift of mindfulness to children, through their language of play.
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