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Catherine Tong

My Yoga Playground - Cape Town, South Africa

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Catherine's Story

Catherine Tong is a yoga and mindfulness teacher for children and families from Sydney, Australia, and the founder of My Yoga Playground.

She has been teaching since 2016 and her travels have allowed her to share yoga and mindfulness with children in London, Chiang Mai and Cape Town. After a career in media and an enlightening trip to South East Asia teaching English to children in Cambodia and Laos, Catherine knew she wanted to pursue a career working with children. She specialises in yoga and mindfulness for children because she recognised how important the early years are from her time working in early childhood education.

In 2020, Catherine created the Rainbow Chakra kids yoga and mindfulness card deck. They are designed to bring playfulness, balance, wellness and peace into the lives of children and families on and off the mat, and teach children about the “rainbow in their body”.

She is dedicated to sharing the goodness and importance of yoga and mindfulness in the hope that one day it will be a part of every school, every household, every family and every child’s life.


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